Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Breaking in the new sketch book.

So many ideas and the perfect way to organize them...

In or around a body of water.

This summer i was at the beach, lake, pool, pond and or pet shops the most i have ever been at in one summer.
Fishing resort. Tulum, Mexico.
 Mayan Spa.  Tulum, Mexico.

 Cabanas Copal. Tulum, Mexico
Tulum ruins. Tulum, Mexico.Zamas. Tulum, Mexico. 

The lily pond at the Norton Simon Museum. Pasadena, California
The Hudson River. New York City, New York 

Coney Island beach. Brooklyn, New York
Jackies baby shower. Long Island, New York.
Jacob Riis beach. Queens, New York 
 Dawn's pool. Spring Valley, New York
Millstream Swimming hole. Woodstock, New York
 Far Rockaway. Queens, New York
Pacific Aquarium and Plant. Lower East Side - New York, NY

  Far Rockaway. Queens, New York
The Lake. Lachute, Canada  
 The East River. Queens, New York. 
Fire Island. Long Island, New York..
Fire Island. Long Island, New York..

 Fire Island. Long Island, New York..
Pool in the middle of acres and acres of soybeans. Orange, Virginia

Neon Quetzal bird

Still on tropical/vacation mode from our trip to Mexico earlier this summer i decided to make a fancy bird for the back yard for inspiration. I remember buying a paper mache toucan when i was visiting my moms town in Mexico as a kid and wanted to capture the same feeling.   
My work station in the back yard. 
The basic frame.
The bird coming to life.

Gay Paree!

Our good friend was in Paris last month and i asked her to pick me up an a lil Eiffel Tower while she was out there. I painted neon pink and now sits on my desk for inspiration.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


My new obsession of Summer 2012.. catching dreams and putting them on display. 
My work desk with my tools.
Dream catcher #1. 
On the wall.
Dream catcher #2 with thiner thread in contrast colors.
On display.
Dream catcher #3(money snatcher) in the works. 
Dream catcher #3(money snatcher) hanging out before it goes on display. 

Five Boro Bike Tour | New York

My partner and I decided to do the New York bike tour this year. 45 miles through Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island all in about 4 hours. It truly was an amazing experience and riding on the BQE highway was the highlight of the tour!
My tour number and helmet.
The start of the tour in Battery Park.
Professional photo from the tour right at the beginning of the race.
45miles latter at the finish line in Staten Island.
On the Staten Island ferry making our way back into the city.
The view of Manhattan form the ferry.

Pre Spring 2012

Planted these tulips and daffodils late one night right before the first frost of 2011. Glad these babes came out early this Spring..
Sprouting in March . 
Early April.
Full bloom mid April.
 Fresh Flowers for brunch!